Lame Adventure 281: We’re in Good Company

Bet you can’t do this.

Leo the Care-free Border Collie showing off.

Neither can I.  In fact I’ll come clean.  I finally quit trying to catch Frisbees in my mouth after turning forty. By that stage in life I had invested in so much dental work, it was comparable to having a Mazda Miata parked in my kisser.  Therefore, I begrudgingly accepted reality and knew the time had come to downsize on the carefree frolicking in favor of keeping my two front teeth intact.  As for Leo the Care-free Border Collie’s impressive Cirque du Soleil maneuver while balanced gracefully on a flowerpot, that completely blows what’s left of my mind.

10 responses to “Lame Adventure 281: We’re in Good Company

  1. So, that’s why all my dental work is being shot to hell?


  2. Just open wide and stick the tongue out!


  3. And I have stopped catching tennis balls while they bounce down the staircase, as my new buddy who adopted me just before Valentine’s day, Keats, the cat thinks it’s cool to do. (Among my considered names for him, he chose Keats — no doubt because he sees it as a fusion of “Cats” and “Eats.”)
    Then, again, I found out until many years later why my dog Kolia ducked when I threw Frisbees to him. My brother and his kids tossed a firecracker one July 4 when Kolia was a puppy, that went off at his feet.


  4. Too, there’s something wrong with my keyboard — it catches too many words — ignore the word “until” in the second paragraph.


  5. Snoring Dog Studio

    Dogs after a frisbee or tennis ball are like ballerinas. If you close your eyes and ignore the barking. But really, they are quite graceful and I love photos of them.


    • You’re so right about that! My childhood dog, Mean Streak, was a professional barker but he could have almost been an understudy at ABT he was so graceful when he concentrated on catching a tennis ball or Frisbee — and these were among the rare times he actually shut the hell up!


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