Lame Adventure 315: Out of The Comfort Zone

Yes, I am away from my beloved island of Manhattan.

Away from my neighborhood theater that staged the Tony Awards Sunday night.

Live from New York [last Sunday night], it’s Neil Patrick Harris!

Away from The Grind where I steadily pigeon watch the day away when I’m not being tormented by our new and evil fax machine.

We’re accepting carrier pigeon resumes if either of you would care to apply. We’ll pay you in Girl Scout cookies.

Away from the subway train with its special brand of surprises.

Looky here, some cretin stuck their gum on the overhead pole!

The time has arrived for a vacation. I may even read a book.

72 pages in; I may actually finish reading this one.

I am in The Land of My Ancestors — the San Francisco Bay Area.  This is my second Comfort Zone.  I‘m freeloading off my sister, Dovima and brother-in-law, Herb (with a silent h).  Friday, their daughter and my niece, Sweet Pea, is graduating high school. Sunday is Father’s Day so I’ll be with the man who gifted me with his narrow feet, significant nose and capacity to explode at the TV screen when my team or Rafa Nadal is losing.

Since I arrived a day early, Dovima was concerned that I would be bored out of the little brains I have left home alone with Thurber, the family hound.

“I’m not fun to hang out with doggie a mano?”

Dovima was also been worried that I might have difficulty making lunch for myself, but I assured her that I mastered the art of mediocre sandwich-making at age 45.  Meanwhile, Thurber and I were busy doing our own thing.

“You only power sleep on weekends? I do it daily!”

“Where’s the cat? He’s a great excuse to bark!”

“Put the camera down and lie on the floor like me! This feels sensational.”

I did.  Hopefully my pulled groin muscle will heal by the time I fly out.  Dogs are great but resist following their advice.

29 responses to “Lame Adventure 315: Out of The Comfort Zone

  1. Just Kids is a GREAT book. Although, Smith does reference Rimbaud a scosch too much for my taste.


  2. You were the round headed kid to Thurber’s Snoopy?


  3. Awwww, Thurber’s so cute! I hope you’re having a great time!


  4. But who’ll watch the pigeons in your absence? Did you hire a sitter?


  5. You need your groin to fly? No wonder it’s called Lame Adventures!
    If only David Berkowitz had followed your advice regarding listening (or not) to dogs. “Nancy, Nancy I want you to kill, Kill, KILL………But first, I want you to scratch my floppety ears, and rub my tum tum.”


  6. Ha, love the groin comment at the end. Too funny! And those poor pigeons–home alone. Hope you enjoy your visit. Congrats to your niece! And happy Father’s Day to your dad.


  7. Snoring Dog Studio

    Enjoy your visit and have lots of lame adventures! That dog is so cute. Why don’t you steal him?


  8. Oh … a reminder how much I enjoy SF … and it’s been too long since my last visit. 😦 … Enjoy Father’s Day with your dad.


  9. Guess I am late to the dance with the reference to the US Open. I was going to suggest that you could really increase your readership if you somehow could get El Tigre to wear a hat with your url on it. Most golfers will wear anything for some loose change. Unfortunately, your current fiscal constraints would probably preclude putting up enough $ to make it worth his while.

    Then I had the idea that you could streak across the 18th green on Sunday with your url body painted across the body region of your choice. But I remembered the groin injury and the likelihood that Open security would tackle you before you even made it out of the rough, not to mention even getting to the green apron.

    Nonetheless (if your groinage heals in time) might I suggest royal blue body paint? El Tigre always dons a red shirt on Sunday. It would complement his attire.


  10. someone beat me to the u.s. open line, but hey, sugar, the city is looking scrumptious on the flat screen! have a delicious vacation and btw, have you been to The House of Naking????? *sigh* i miss the city and now, i’m hungry just thinking about my favorite restos there! xoxoxo


  11. Ah, LA, I hope you’re enjoying your Out of Comfort Zone Experience, and your groin has healed nicely. I resisted the word ‘heeled’ as it isn’t entirely accurate, although I wanted to go for a doggie reference somehow…


  12. Out here visiting the Golden State. Love it. I was up in the Bay Area for four years during my undergrad days and it was pretty cool out there. A lot of hella this and hella that … it was different. But I did have a lot of adventures. A lot of good food.

    But I truly enjoyed that you “assured her that I mastered the art of mediocre sandwich-making at age 45.”

    Ahhhh Good one. 🙂 Hope you had a good Father’s Day weekend and got a chance to go to Pier 39 and get some soup in a bread bowl. 🙂


    • SF was a terrific place to grow up in — the perfect training ground to prepare a young person for settling down in NYC. I enjoy my visits with my family and best friend from college so I am pretty lucky to be able to indulge in what is best about both coasts. As for the soup in the bread bowl, my sister announced it was “too filling” so she had her soup in a regular bowl and I just scarfed a sandwich on sour dough. No sour dough bread in NYC can compare to the bread that’s available in the Bay Area. That’s. The. Best. Sour. Dough. Bread. Ever.


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