Lame Adventure 303: Am I Hallucinating?

The short answer to that question is, “That’s always a possibility.” I was sitting at my desk at work effectively feigning consciousness when I looked up at the shelf over my computer and saw a rainbow.

Looking up under the rainbow.

I thought:

Me (thinking):  Holy crap!  What’s this about?

If Judy Garland started singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow on the iPod in my mind I would have accepted the possibility that I was likely suffering a flashback from some chemical I may have ingested in my past.  I highly doubted that the English Breakfast tea I was sipping at that moment after polishing off a cup of Life cereal in skim milk would have triggered any visions other than my constant craving for a bagel.

Cinnamon raisin bitch goddess.

Since there is supposed to be a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, I was prompted to look behind my desk to see what was there.  Curious, I peeked behind my monitor, half expecting an encounter with the Lucky Charms leprechaun.  Rather than finding a vessel overflowing with riches or a silo full of noxiously sweet cereal, I only saw a sobering sight; a piece of cement floor tile in the foreground and bright sunshine bouncing off a CD behind it.

Reality bites.

The CD was the source reflecting rainbow colors on the shelf above.  That brought my day tripping to an abrupt end, until I recalled a popular song from my youth sung by my fellow traveler, Lesley Gore.  It features sunshine, rainbows eventual tooth decay and can probably lead to alcoholism if heard often enough.

8 responses to “Lame Adventure 303: Am I Hallucinating?

  1. Hello V.,

    It is fantastic that you have the mind to notice the rainbow…

    Thanks for posting.




  2. Happy to share in your amazing powers of observation. I wish you many more rainbows, raindrops on roses, packages tied up with string and all sorts of future adventures that I know you will write about so……eloquently!!


  3. If you have to ask if you’re hallucinating, chances are–you are–but in this case, perhaps, not about the rainbow–but about the bitch-goddess bagel. God, could I go for one of those right about now.


  4. Snoring Dog Studio

    I know that song by Lesley Gore. She should have been gored for singing it. Does it not count as a rainbow just because it’s not in the sky? Who made up that rule?


    • It never occurred to me that rainbows could possibly be portable until I looked up at my shelf when I was bored out of what’s left of my mind at work. Yet, I’m sure there is an arbiter of rainbows “out there” with the answer to your question. Unfortunately, I don’t think he or she reads LA!


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