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Lame Adventure 385: Fashion Statement?

It’s been a busy summer over here in Lame Adventures-land. But, my fashion police friend, Coco, shattered my concentration from my current passion — I know everyone saw this one coming — studying spots, with this illustrated email.

Tag, you're it!

Tag, you’re it!

Yes, really tagged.

Yes, really tagged.

Coco: I normally would not take a picture of a stranger’s ass but did this chick just steal these pants?

Me: Really good question. How could she not know that thing’s there?

Coco: How embarrassing not to mention uncomfortable.

Me: Would only that store’s sensor activate? Or, when she bought them did the clerk fail to remove it and she decided to just flaunt it, the ultimate “I don’t give a shit” attitude?

Coco: I’m pretty sure it would trigger other store sensors. Although this idiot probably wouldn’t realize she was the one setting the alarm off. If the clerk failed to take it off, anyone with half a brain would take the pants back to the store in a bag and ask them to remove it. What an idiot. She doesn’t even have the sense to wear a shirt long enough to cover it.

Coco raises so many good points here. But she did not take it upon herself to ask a pertinent question to the wearer that could have solved this mystery:

Coco’s unasked question: Are you aware that you’re wearing a store security tag?

Upon further reflection, having a store security tag planted on one’s person might just be a way to attract attention, maybe make new friends? Or, if life could imitate the kind of chick flick that usually makes me retch copiously, it’s a way to meet one’s soul mate cute. It is possible that this person lost her receipt and was determined to wear these pants anyway. On the other hand, a two second Google search explains how to remove these types of tags. Possibly, she is truly absent-minded or just completely clueless, but I’m not convinced of that. In conclusion, I’m joining Team Coco. I vote: idiot.

What do you think, fellow Lame Adventurers?