Lame Adventure 332: Pink Pugs in Paris

As most of you don’t know, my commenting wingman, Mike G, recently celebrated his twenty-fifth wedding anniversary with the woman he calls The Bride.  Altogether let’s say:

Us: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

What is even more monosyllabic-inducing to me is that this is his fourth marriage.

LA Readership and Mike G:  WHAT?

Just yankin’ ya, but let’s be realistic, I’m queer as, accounting for inflation, a nineteen dollar bill and this is not the site for sentimental straight sap.  I will say this about Mike and The Bride, out there in the hinterlands of New Jersey, they’ve produced three well rounded spawn.  The first-born, Son, is a university wrestling team member with clowns as his kryptonite, so anyone reading this that would like to get him in a headlock fast — dress as Bozo; D1 is their first-born daughter that decorated the car in glitter and feathers so it looks like a rolling drag queen, and D2 is their second-born daughter that hates squirrels after one had the audacity to run off the roof and use her head as a launching pad.  She’s now learning to drive and dreams of exacting revenge.

Alert squirrel on lookout for D2.

If they have any animals Mike hasn’t revealed them to me so I’ll improvise here.

Mike’s funky chicken Miriam.

The Bride and Mike both have Real Jobs that are called a word that’s as foreign to me as any words gassed in Aramaic, Careers.  From what he tells me, she’s even his Best Friend. There you guys go again:

You Guys: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

With my extraordinary power of perception I’ve deduced that she doesn’t bitch at him to take out the trash or pick up his socks and he’d sooner cut out his tongue than say:

Mike G (never uttering): You know, that dress does make you look fat.

So there was Mike and The Bride in Paris without any of the Spawn nor did Mike stuff his pet chicken, Miriam, in his suitcase Borat-style.  They were alone.  In the city of light.  One of the most romantic places on the planet.  Being romantic …

“Hey Bride is that a dyed pink pug we’re looking at over here?”

… and taking pictures for Lame Adventures!  The Bride even downloaded them for us.  Their marriage sure works for me.  Let’s virtually visit Paris!

Cool flowers in hotel lobby.

Chocolate anniversary cake with edible gold courtesy of Hotel du Swank.

“Bord du smelly cheese” and bottle of bordeaux ordered by Mike.

Gaudy Ferrari with Dubai license plate in front of hotel their entire visit; motorist probably too cheap to park it in a lot.

Gallic Phallic Luxor Obelisk in the Place de la Concord.

Touristy Arc de Triomphe shot.

Cool Hugo-type shot inside clockface in former train station Musee D’Orsay.

Front gate to Abercrombie & Fitch. Yes, A&F or WTF?

The Louvre where Mike and The Bride soaked up more culture.

Eiffel Tower.

L’hopital des Invalides or in Mike-speak, the original Obamacare.

Love those flowers.

Mike optical illusion peeing in Jardin des Tuileries reflecting fountain.

Ferris wheel in Paris’s Central Park aka Jardin des Tuileries.

Mike’s eye view of Paris from Ferris wheel.

Final flower shot. Mike’s applying for his florist license.

103 responses to “Lame Adventure 332: Pink Pugs in Paris

  1. The next time I go to Paris, I’m definitely bringing a chicken.


  2. I want to go back to see whether the hotel has changed the arrangements in the lobby and, more importantly, whether the owner of the car will sheik his booty and move it. Called the Parisian SPCA about the pug, but they told me pink was the “in” color this season and to stop bothering them. Only downside of trip was coming back through Customs and having to declare the gold. On the bright side, at least the inspector didn’t ask for a sample to assay its value.


  3. The only thing goofier than the Ferrari parked there 24 hours a day was the fact that other nimrods took great pains to take pictures of it every day. These bozos (sorry son) were standing precariously atop railings looking for that one in a million shot. Except more than one guy did it, so it wasn’t so one in a million-y.


  4. Congrats to Mike and The Bride – and thanks for the trip to Paris. ;–)))



  5. Final question, any idea whether the dude drove his car from Dubai to Paris?…. Didn’t think so.


    • Good question and I did MapQuest it but MapQuest denied my request but did show me a route-less map of the area. Apparently, cutting through Iran and Syria is not going to happen, so my guess is that it jetted first class with its driver.


      • I can’t imagine what the car costs but I guess it’s cheaper to ship it than to get it repaired after driving over an IED somewhere in that horrific region.

        On the topic of Syria (and I hope I haven’t mentioned this before)’ I never knew its second biggest city was Aleppo. All these years I thought Aleppo was the 6th Marx Brother.


  6. Maybe the fancy car actually belongs to the hotel, just so they can have a fancy car parked in front to impress the bourgeoisie! Looks like a great trip-congrats!


  7. That is soooooo great! Congrats to them!
    Ironically, Danny and I are going on our 25th year! The years have flown by. Didn’t I just write about time? Anyway, we were hoping to get to France…Still crossing fingers, but its cutting off my circulation and is really hard to type…


  8. Awwwwww! Happy anniversary, Mike, and thanks for the pix! Although I did think the pink pug was a piglet at first. Mr. Weebles and I have 19 years to go until our 25th, but maybe we’ll go to Paris before then.


  9. Although we’ve never been formally introduced, a congrats on 25 years to Mike and The Bride. (This is 35 for us.) We planned to cruise the Baltic for our 25th, then 9-11 changed the itinerary. End up in Hawaii and still haven’t been to the Baltic. Thanks for the pics, but peeing in the fountain is a classic – so congrats to The Bride for capturing the moment.


  10. Hilarious! So well done! Tres bien fait!


  11. It’s good to know that people all over the world embarrass their animals, not just the US.


  12. LA, when I use my Ferrari, I always park it over the road, never just outside. When I park it just outside, it lets people know that I’m in, when I may want them to think I’m not, so parking over the road confuses them. Only when I use my Ferrari though. When in my other cars, I have to park wherever I can… sigh. Great photos of Paris, Mike and Bridie, though!


  13. Well, that was lovely. I feel quite refreshed after a tour of that beautiful city…congratulations, Mike G and his amazing bride 🙂


    • So glad you enjoyed it considering all the fascinating places you’ve shared with us over at your site. Dog-wise, I MUCH prefer all natural Macaulay to dyed pink pugs (but Mike knew I’d love that photo)!


  14. AWWWWWW–congrats to Mike and The Bride. ANd how cool to have a Lame Adventures correspondent in Paris. But does Mike have a blog I can read? Congrats again, Mike!


    • Although Mike has zero problem speaking for himself, I think he rather enjoys being the wingman over here, but you’ll probably hear directly from him about this. He’s not a shy fella.


    • Mike is technologically challenged. You wouldn’t believe the hoops I has ro jump through just to get the pix to LA woman. How she does this multiple times per week astounds me as do all you bloggers out there. My hat is off to you. And as you can tell by the sparse hair atop my head it is something I do only infrequently.


  15. Lame adventures, you say?


  16. How awesome that they are being all romantic after 25 years! What a great story. And I bet they didn’t even have to see the new Meryl Streep-Tommy Lee Jones movie to do all that. 🙂


  17. V,
    Call me a cynic, but what was in it for you by writing this post? I mean, we’re all here congratulating Mike G, but you’ve done all the work for him, and you only got pictures of Paris… Just sayin’.
    Le Clown


  18. I finally took the time to check my gmail account and there I found your email of weeks ago. So sorry. That is, glad to get the email and sorry I didn’t find it sooner. I emailed you at your gmail account from my Comcast email account, under my real name — just to add to the confusion. Actually, I check this account every three minutes when my computer is on, which it mostly is.

    Anyway, I love the dramatic purple flowers and the Paris vacation. Thanks! 🙂


  19. Great post and commentary, LA. You did a great job for not having been there personally. And Mike, you and The Bride have a flair for interesting shots. I especially like the peeing one (I’m assuming that she took that one), and the flowers!


    • Mike was quite the Lame Adventures-man Abroad for keeping an eye peeled for LA-style shots — and so was The Bride for indulging the lunacy of this site. Thanks for dropping by and commenting Cathy!


    • Yes she did take that shot but we didn’t notice the beauty of the piece until a week later. I focused on how thin my hair was on top (never getting that vantage point during the normal course of events). I guess she was inspired by all the museums we took in on our short trip to Paris.


  20. You know, I swear that I had subscribed to your blog but today I realized that I hadn’t. How rude of me! Congrats to Mike and Bride. My 25th was this time last year. 🙂


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