My dear friend, Milton, once accused me of not liking music. What do you say to a misguided assumption like that?

Me: Yes, and I’m not a fan of the taste of water, and don’t forget that I’m addicted to soot and have a natural aversion to fresh air.

What prompted him to think this is that I have never owned an iPod, I seldom attend concerts and when I write, I do so in silence. I reminded him (probably after asking him to repeat what he said) that I have suffered significant hearing loss and I know that ear buds would just expedite my growing impairment. For the record, I do like music and water. As for my soot addiction, I come from a long line of city slickers so that’s genetic.

Something else I like is this fun post Milton has written about who is the greatest singer of all time.

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  1. FS was the greatest interpretive pop singer. He used to say that Vic Damone had the better “pipes.” You also could argue that Nat King Cole had the prettier tone, that Tony Bennett had the greater range, that bing Crosby had the greater feeling for naturally resonant melody. But what set FS apart from pack was his ability to make the most of all his tools to make the listener feel a plethora of emotions – from the euphoria of “I’ve Got the World on a String” to the melancholia of “I Get Along Without You Very Well” to the loneliness of “Lost In the Stars.”


  2. “…feel a plethora of emotions. ” This is true, but he had nothing on Lady Day, a singer he studied, who was able to achieve the same.


  3. Lists like this are ultimately futile. As noted on the inclusion of Whitney Houston, it’s the whim of the moment. Is Frank one of the great singers of all time? A case could be made. But the greatest? Please. If the poll had been conducted 2 and a half years ago, Michael Jackson would be on the list, very possibly at number one. If it had been conducted 8 years ago, Clay Aiken would be on it. And where’s Ethel Merman? Or Johnny Hartman, or Cher?


  4. Ironically, Sara thinks I don’t like music either–or so she has been known to proclaim, since I have to have quiet to read or write. I like music. I’m just easily distracted. Silly woman! I even like water–though I drink lost of diet soda.


    • I’m completely with you about being easily distracted and requiring silence to concentrate while writing. I’m completely not with you about quaffing Diet Coke, but that’s Milton’s beverage of choice. Gimme water. Cheers buddy!


  5. Sinatra and diet coke-2 things I could do without!


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