Lame Adventure 253: The Cook, the Bird, the Dog, the Brother

With apologies to filmmaker Peter Greenaway, who I am sure was first and foremost on everyone’s mind this Thanksgiving, I spent my Turkey Day as I do every year freeloading off my dear friends, Martini Max, his sister, Dorothy Parker (DP) and their family.  Naturally, I am thankful for the things that matter most in life – the wheel, fire and stretch jeans.

DP the Cook making deadline.

Da Boid ... dead.

DP's dog Burkey playing dead.

The Brother: Martini Max post-eating dead boid.

6 responses to “Lame Adventure 253: The Cook, the Bird, the Dog, the Brother

  1. I, too, am always thankful for stretch jeans–stretch anything, for that matter. Burkey looks just like our dog Ralph. Glad to hear you had a happy holiday.


  2. Snoring Dog Studio

    I’m always grateful for the friends who don’t mind me freeloading a holiday meal off them. Last year, my sister and I had Thanksgiving dinner at Perkins. All our freeloadable friends had gone away. I’m glad you had somewhere to go and friends to be with. As far as Martini Max – that pose doesn’t look to comfortable!


  3. DP, huh? Burkey like Turkey with a B?


    • You would notice that … Okay, this is the story of Burkey’s name. DP’s kids wanted a dog they were going to name Barkey. When they went to the animal shelter, they all fell in love with a pup named Burkey. DP reasoned that Burkey was close enough to Barkey … TMI, right?


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