Lame Adventure 199: Ceiling Mold, Modern Art and Jesus

Yes, here they are together at last that unlikely trio, ceiling mold, modern art and Jesus.  Last week’s heat and humidity had an adverse effect on the bathroom ceiling in my place of employ as pictured below.

Smells pretty, too!

This week’s cooler temperature has put a halt to the leak and temporarily dried the mold that is creeping across the ceiling with the confidence of a nearsighted bucktoothed nerd plowing through a trigonometry final.  The current state of the bathroom’s ceiling mold also brings to mind 1947-J, an oil on canvas painting by abstract expressionist painter Clyfford Still.


At the risk of sounding like the quintessential jaded New Yorker that I fully resemble, I think my vision of this Still painting is a tad more clear sighted than imagining I’ve seen Jesus on a pancake and then trying to sell that pancake on eBay at a starting bid of $500.  Some industrious Floridians attempted to do this in 2006.  If Jesus does decide to make an appearance in our ceiling mold though, I’ll make sure to share it here in the sequel to this post I will either call, “Ceiling Mold, Modern Art and Jesus 2,” or, “Here’s Jesus!”

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